Sustainable tourism on Senja island in Northern Norway

Mefjord Brygge is operating in one of the least polluted parts of our planet, largely untouched by negative effects of civilization and we are proud to be committed to preserve it that way. For our guests, our staff, our families and future generations.

Mefjord Brygge is committed to responsible travel

  • We strongly encourage a 'leave-no-trace' policy for all tourists, our staff and among local community. It’s main points are not polluting the ocean with any waste objects and keeping any waste off nature trails
  • We utilize motorized transportation proportional to the group size to reduce emissions, our vehicles are made sure to have low impact on carbon dioxide emissions and we strongly prefer shared transportation
  • Our staff are encouraged (and actively do so) to cycle and/or walk instead of using car for going to work, grocery shopping, being outdoors, etc.
  • The electricity we use is nearly 100% hydroelectric power
  • More than 90% products we use in our restaurant come from local vendors and/or are produced locally
  • We offer crystal clear drinkable tap water in refillable containers for our guests instead of disposable water bottles
  • Most of packaged drink bottles we offer are returnable
  • We reduce CO2 emissions by promoting a self-propelled form of active travel (namely cycling, as we are one of cycling friendly destinations on Senja along the Arctic Coast of Norway)
  • We are actively communicating our values of sustainable tourism to our travelers, for example, suggesting taking a passenger boat instead of driving by car
  • In our facilities we have energy-efficient light bulbs, low-power computer screens and other appliances that focus on not using more energy that needed
  • We recycle and try to use recycled paper in all photocopy/printers in all our office, fax messages tend to be received only by email and emails are not printed if not essential
  • We work exclusively with socially responsible suppliers who care about the environmental impact

Waste management

We make sure that the waste our guest leave at Mefjord Brygge is going to be well taken care of.

Our exclusive partner in waste management is SENJA AVFALL

The company boats itself on being extremely innovative and efficient on making sure the waste is handled in environmental friendly way with little environmental impact while recycling high rate of all waste resources.

Preserving of natural resources

All our fishing tourists are exactly advised about minimum fish sizes that they are able to catch. If the fish is too small, they will release it. We strongly encourage fishing tourists not to waste any fish food, so they will fish only the amount that falls in “personal use” category. This way we make sure the biodiversity is preserved without harming the marine life balance.

All hikers and nature lovers are strongly advised to stay on marked trails, don’t leave any waste while being outdoors and be vigilant to all good practices of hiking – including setting bonfires in designed places, don’t using toilet close to water supply and not disturbing wildlife by making unnecessary noises. This is our planet and together we can preserve it for future generations.


We are proud to be part of Green Key International Environment Certification for Travel industry