Mefjord Brygge’s suggested highlights!

In the two below sections you will find information about points of interest around Senja, as well as just nearby Mefjord Brygge. Enjoy!

Points of interest around Mefjord Brygge on Senja

Mefjord Brygge’s suggested highlights around Senja

  1. Mefjord Brygge – your base camp for adventures!
  2. Hike to Skøytneset (2-3 hours round trip) (start by walking from Mefjord Brygge)
  3. Hike to Kyle (2 hours round trip) (great to see the midnight sun from the top of the mountain)
  4. Hike to Roalden (4 hours round trip) (medium difficulty, very scenic route with great views)
  5. Hike to Segla (3 hours round trip) (an easy hike that will take you to a spectacular drop under your feet)
  6. Hike to Breidtinden - the top of Senja (difficult one, only for advanced and only in the good weather) (5 hours round trip)
  7. Ersfjord Beach – beautiful sandy beach between the fjords. You will get an illusion that it is some sort of tropical island with snow-capped mountains. The illusion, however, might be broken as soon as you try to dip your feet in the water. It may be too cold for you, but kids, especially local ones, love it!
  8. Tungeneset – scenic viewpoint and observation point for northern lights. From there you will see Okshornan – the icon of Senja
  9. Bøvær – another beautiful beach, if you are lucky you will see some seals
  10. Kråkeslottet – “Crow’s nest”. A very intriguing and interesting house built on a pier, it became famous thanks to TV reality show based there
  11. Bergsbotn viewing platform – great to see the northern lights over the Bergsfjord
  12. Senjatrollet, the world’s biggest, and most likely the ugliest troll (as of 2019 - currently burned down!)
  13. Hike to Husfjellet (easy hike with magnificent views on both sides of the fjord – 3 hours round trip)
  14. Husøy – quite an interesting village. It is densely populated because of limited space – it is located on a little island. Inhabitants are producing salmon. There is a short walk that will take you to the lighthouse

 Please remember that some of the highlights are only seasonal

Suggested trips within walking distance from Mefjord Brygge

In Mefjordvær you will find a very unique path network that is created under the auspices of Mefjordvær Bygdelag (Mefjordvær village association) and local people. The hiking trails are well marked and in some places wooden bridges/paths are prepared so usually you can pass without making your shoes wet. The paths go around Mefjordvær lowlands and on this tour you will find picnic areas, shelters and viewpoints to take a picture.

  1. Mefjord Brygge – main building
  2. Historical stone pier in Mefjordvær – short walk will take you to Scandinavia's largest pier as the ocean overflows when it storms. In calm weather you can walk around and meet locals.
  3. Walk past the village – great for Northern Lights / Midnight Sun
  4. Picnic area on the top of football field – no light pollution, great for Northern Lights. Also a starting point to hike up Knuten (5) or continue towards network of footpaths
  5. Knuten –easy access trail will take you to a small hill Knuten. At the top there is a viewpoint. You will be amazed by panoramic views of the fjord, mountains and Mefjordvær. It is possible to come back or continue via lighthouse on the other side of the hill (about 30-45 minutes trip)
  6. Russehula – “Russian cave”. Discover some of the local history. From there you can continue towards the viewpoint Skøytneset (about 2-3 h round trip)
  7. Starting point to a nearby mountain Kyle (about 2 h round trip)
  8. Top of Kyle (503 m) - if you make to the top, remember to sign in the guestbook
  9. Access point (the same as “4”) to the local network of footpaths and huts to make picnic. Explore the area around the lakes and in the forests. Also great for snowshoeing and cross country skiing in winter
  10. Mykjeneset – another scenic view point, to see the midnight sun (summer) or northern lights (winter)

It is essential to take necessary precautions when going out to explore nature - we take no responsibility for not using common sense and being negligent about weather and other conditions

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