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last update 3rd August 2022

Mefjord Brygge rates

valid through November 2022

all prices in NOK

Hotel rooms (daily rates)

Room prices (per night for 2 persons)June, July and AugustRest of the year
Room with bunk bed (including breakfast)NOK 1195NOK 1095
Standard room (including breakfast)NOK 1795NOK 1395
Superior room (including breakfast)NOK 1895NOK 1495
Deluxe room (including breakfast)NOK 2395NOK 1995

- Check-in 15.00, check-out 10.00
- Extra bedding for 3rd person is available on request in selected rooms (NOK 500 extra incl. breakfast)
- Prices for hotel rooms include breakfast, bed linen, towels, parking, Wi-Fi internet and final cleaning
- Infants 0-2 years: free (parents need to have cots) -

Apartments (daily rates)

Accommodation typePrice per night
Small Cabin (1 bedroom for 1 - 2 persons)NOK 1495
Big Cabin (1 bedroom + loft for 1 - 4 persons)NOK 2295
Ole-Wang Gården (4 bedroom apartment, for 1 – 4 persons)NOK 2395
Torleif-Stua (3 bedrooms for 1 - 5 persons)NOK 2495
Ingebjørg-Stua (4 bedrooms for 1 - 6 persons)NOK 2695
Ellinor-Stua (4 bedrooms for 1 - 6 persons)NOK 2695
Kristine-Stua (5 bedrooms for 1 - 7 persons)NOK 2695
Solveig-Stua/Ragna-Stua (5 bedroom for 1-8 persons)NOK 3495
Ole-Wang Gården (2 x 4 bedroom apartments for 1 - 8 persons)NOK 3495
Solbu (Deluxe house 4 bedrooms up to 8 persons)NOK 3495
Northern Light Apartment (5 bedrooms for 1 - 7 persons (8 on request))NOK 3695

- Prices for apartments include bed linen, towels, free parking, internet and final cleaning
Breakfast is optional (NOK 165 per person per day)
- We charge NOK 300 per night for extra bed per night (available only on request for selected apartments)


Apartments (long term rates)

Prices for a minimum of 5 nights

Accommodation typeJune - AugustSeptember - May
Per weekExtra per dayPer weekExtra per day
Large Cabin (1 bedroom + loft up to 4 persons)NOK 15400NOK 2200NOK 14000NOK 2000
Half of Ole-Wang Gården (4 bedrooms up to 4 persons)NOK 15400NOK 2200NOK 14000NOK 2000
Torleif-Stua (3 bedrooms up to 5 persons)NOK 16800NOK 2400NOK 15400NOK 2200
Ingebjørg-Stua (4 bedrooms up to 6 persons)NOK 17500NOK 2500NOK 16100NOK 2300
Kristine-Stua (5 bedrooms up to 7 persons)NOK 17500NOK 2500NOK 16100NOK 2300
Ellinor-Stua (4 bedrooms up to 6 persons)NOK 17500NOK 2500NOK 16100NOK 2300
Solveig-Stua/Ragna-Stua (5 bedrooms up to 8 persons)NOK 23800NOK 3400NOK 21700NOK 3100
Ole-Wang Gården (8 bedrooms up to 8 persons)NOK 23800NOK 3400NOK 21700NOK 3100
Solbu (4 bedrooms up to 8 persons)NOK 23800NOK 3400NOK 21700NOK 3100
Northern Lights Apartment (5 bedrooms up to 7 persons)NOK 25200NOK 3600NOK 23100NOK 3300
Fishing Boat*NOK 9450NOK 1350NOK 9450NOK 1350

*In our camp we have Kværnø fishing boats (19 feet, 50 HP with GPS and depth sounder). The long-term rental price is NOK 1350 per day (including rental fee, GoFish safety & sea-fishing license fee and insurance of loss in excess of NOK 2000)

Get up to 2 days extra of holiday for the price of 7 days! (9-FOR-7)**

** In periods outside the main summer tourist season we are happy to offer fishing packages at a bit lower prices, terms and conditions apply (offer is valid for selected travel dates and booking periods, usually in April & September)

All accommodation prices include cable-TV, towels, bed sheets, Wi-Fi, free parking and final cleaning.

If the house is not prepared to check out (all rubbish and leftovers removed, dishes washed in dish washer and generally clean in all areas of the apartment, then we reserve the right to apply cleaning fee of minimum NOK 800 per apartment

Price for stays in the range 5-21 days the price is proportional

Activity Packages

Which option fits you best?per personmin. pax
3 nights (our best seller!) (excluding boat ticket)
(3 activities; 3 x full board, accommodation and transfer to/from boat terminal)
NOK 97502
3 nights with HUSKY TOUR (excluding boat ticket)  
(4 activities incl. Husky Safari, 3 x full board, accommodation and transfer to/from boat)
NOK 119702
3 nights (excluding boat ticket)
(3 x full board; accommodation with transfer to/from boat terminal)
NOK 58502
2 nights excluding boat ticket - package for those on tight schedule
(3 activities, 2 x full board, accommodation and transfer to/from boat terminal)
NOK 73502
EXTRA NIGHT at Mefjord Brygge
(including extra activity, accommodation and full board)
(ACTIVE extension!)
NOK 25902
EXTRA NIGHT at Mefjord Brygge
(including accommodation and full board)
(BASIC extension!)
NOK 15952
ACTIVITY PACKAGE with individual transfer arrangements ideal for those with predefined itinerary (hotel, airport and other custom locations)on request4
Standard, Deluxe or VIP Platinum Private Tours available
(everyday, individual programs incl. boat charter)
on request1

all versions exclude Tromsø boat tickets or optional Tromsø minibus pickup

20% discount for Activity Packages for kids up to 12 years old

Organized Groups & Events

Contact us if you are organized group. We offer tailor made packages for company trips, a photography or mountain guides with clients and tour operators.

If you are interested in hosting a special event with us (conference, wedding, family reunion, etc.) then send us your request and we will prepare unique offer for you.

More products and services

Other products and services   
Boats and FishingDailyWeekly
Boat rental 1 day (incl. 1 tank of fuel; 2 x fishing sets (excl. lost pilkers, insurance; GoFish safety & license fee)NOK 2500
Boat rental 1-4 days (incl. insurance; GoFish safety & license fee)NOK 1500
Boat rental min. 5 days (incl. insurance; GoFish safety & license fee)NOK 1350NOK 9450
Fishing rod and reelNOK 195NOK 1170
Flotation suitNOK 150NOK 900
Life vestfreefree
Boat insurance (included in boat rental for damage in excess of NOK 2000)freefree
Boat cleaning (optional)NOK 500
Cutting fish for fillet (service)on request(per hour)
Fishing guide (full-day) [6h]on request(excl. boat)
VIP Big BoatDailyWeekly
Big boat charter [standard] (incl. captain, mate/helper and fuel) (6h morning or afternoon)NOK 13995on request
Big boat charter [deluxe] (incl. captain; mate/helper; fuel; fishing equipment and snacks) (6h morning or afternoon)NOK 14995on request
Big boat charter [deluxe+] (incl. captain; mate/helper; fuel; fishing equipment; snacks and fileting & packing the fish) (6h custom time)NOK 17995on request
The rates exclude lost pilks that need to be replaced by guests
BreakfastNOK 165 
Lunch pack (take away)NOK 115
Dinner (1/2/3 course)à la carte / set menu
Full board (incl. 2/3 course dinner)à la carte / set menu
Deluxe full board menuà la carte
Relax and leasure
Sauna (per person) (guest) [2h]NOK 145
Sauna (per person) (daytime visitor) [2h]NOK 245
Sauna & Jacuzzi (per person) (guest) [2h]NOK 295
Sauna & Jacuzzi (per person) (daytime visitor) [2h]NOK 445
Barbecue hut (up to 12 persons, incl. coal) [4h]NOK 595
Sports equipment rental
Snowshoes [6h]NOK 295
eBike (full day)NOK 695
Transportation and trips (on request)
Tromsø Airport (2 x round trip)NOK 1500per person (min. 4 persons)
Bardufoss Airport (2 x round trip)NOK 1000per person (min. 4 persons)
Evenes Airport (2 x round trip)NOK 1500per person (min. 4 persons)
Finnsnes (one-way transfer)NOK 600per person (min. 2 persons)
Botnhamn / Lysnes / Skaland / Segla (one-way transfer)NOK 350per person (min. 2 persons)
Gryllefjord / Hamn (one-way transfer)NOK 600per person (min. 2 persons)
Senjahopen (one-way or shopping incl. 15 minutes wait)NOK 150per transfer
Polar Park / Polar bath / Skiing in Målselvon requestper person (min. 4 persons)
Helicopter airport transferon requestup to 5 persons (one-way)
Big Boat airport transferon requestup to 12 persons (one-way)
Guided trips (on request)
Arctic Boat Safari (2-3h boat trip)NOK 1295per person (min. 2-4 persons)
Aurora Borealis / Arctic lights safari (incl. transport)NOK 995per person (min. 2 persons)
Snowshoe walkingNOK 995per person (min. 2 persons)
Mountain hikes (different trips to choose)NOK 995per person (min. 2-4 persons)
Husky Safari (incl. lunch & transportation)NOK 2100per person (min. 2 persons)
Mountain skiing guideNOK 4500per group (max. 7 persons)
Fishing trip (incl. boat; fuel and equipment) (2-3h)NOK 1895per person (min. 2-4 persons)

Booking conditions and payment details