Autumn Activity Package

Visit Mefjord Brygge from Tromsø to see Northern Lights and experience the Arctic

Bergsbotn along Senja Arctic route

Our best-value Autumn Activity Package offers excellent way to experience highlights of the Arctic in structured and interesting way


  • 3 nights in comfortable apartments by the sea
  • Guided-activities in the mornings/evenings (3 activities)
  • Full-board dining in our brand new maritime style restaurant (traditional Norwegian food)
  • Transportation to/from Tromsø (via boat) and between activities
  • Mefjord Brygge is located on the outer part of Senja, surrounded by stunning mountains and fjords in the old fishing village Mefjordvær with local life going on
  • Discover best vantage points and learn secrets of Northern Lights from professional guides
  • Possibility to hike some of the most spectacular mountains on Senja
  • Admire the beauty of Aurora Borealis reflected in the sea and with mountains in the foreground while visiting some remote spots
  • Take excellent photographs of Arctic colors just a short walk beyond the village limits
  • See Northern Lights directly outside your accommodation if sky is clear
  • Most importantly: you will return home with life-lasting memories and stories to tell!


  • We are using ACTIVITY VOUCHER system in order to your experience personalized
  • Each guest who has booked activities with us will receive  ACTIVITY VOUCHERS at check-in (1 prebooked activity = 1 one voucher)
  • Each standard VOUCHER can be used on one of the following activities:
    • Arctic Boat Safari (daytime)
    • Northern Lights Safari (by minibus, nighttime)
    • Northern Lights Safari (snowshoeing, nighttime)
    • Island sightseeing (by minibus, daytime)
    • Hiking trip (daytime)
  • All activities are planned depending on season, weather forecast, availability and other factors - not all activities are available every time
  • Please use the voucher to sign up for the activity at the reception, where you will see list of available tours and their departure times
  • Repeating the same activity is possible via waiting list. In case of low seat availability, priority is for guests who have not been yet on certain activity

 Standard tour is 4 days / 3 nights

It is possible to make variations or tour extensions


The most convenient way of arrival is by taking one of the express boats from Tromsø to Finnsnes (line #2) o Lysnes (line #4).  See the map and more details below.


The start of this package is possible everyday from September until mid-October. Then, after a seasonal break from January we offer "Winter Activity Package"


All activities are suitable for all ages and the intensity can be adjusted according the the preference of the guests (for example, replacing walking by driving, etc.)

Smile and prepare for having a great time!

Throughout the tour you will learn a lot about Senja's nature and you will experience 3 guide activities.

Our guides will do their best to take you on most exciting and memorable experiences depending current on season and weather conditions.

You will have plenty of time to take pictures, ask questions and enjoy north Norwegian hospitality!

Price:  NOK 9950 per person for a standard 3 nights package. There are many variations you can choose.


Finnsnes / Lysnes round trip transfer to Mefjord Brygge

Private accommodation in hotel rooms or apartments

Full-board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Briefing and instruction

Experienced English-speaking guide

Guided activities (daytime & nighttime)

Use of sauna in free time

Not included

Ticket for Express Boat (in advance/on board)
NOK 274 / NOK 343 (via Finnsnes)
[or NOK 196 / NOK 245 (via Lysnes)]

Hurtigruten / Havila (NOK 313 / 200) (on return to Tromsø)

Autumn clothing

Hat / gloves / thermal shoes

Optional add-ons / extensions (per person)

Sami Camp Visit (day tour incl. transfers) (NOK 2220)

Extra day (incl. room, full board and 1 extra activity) (NOK 2990)

Extra day (incl. room and full board) (NOK 1790)

Additional guided activities (from NOK 1295-1495)

Outdoor hot-tub (NOK 195)


Arrival itinerary (usually boat #2 or #4 in the afternoon)

Arrive 20 minutes before boat departure time

Write down our phone (+47) 941-36-599

Bring warm clothes (hat and gloves, shoes, warm second layer and windproof jacket)

Charge your camera and mobile phone

Headlight and tripod for camera are also recommended


Book your Activity Package at least a few days in advance to ensure availability

Sept - Oct

recommended duration
3-4 nights 

start time
see program


min. participants

price per person from
NOK 9950

Transfer points on a map

Arrival by Boat to Mefjord Brygge
Simple as A, B, C.. and D

A) Arrive to Tromsø

B) Take an afternoon boat #2 to Finnsnes or #4 to Lysnes (depending on day of week)

C) We provide transfer from boat terminal to Mefjord Brygge

D) Adventure begins! (on the last day we provide return transfer to Tromsø)


Alternative variations of Activity Packages

Please note that the pricing is the same for Autumn and Winter Activity Packages, however, availability of some activities depends on the snow and other factors (notably, Husky Safari is available only from early winter, typically beginning of December)

Which option fits you best?per personmin. pax
3 nights (excluding boat ticket)
(3 activities; 3 x full board, accommodation and transfer to/from boat terminal)
NOK 106002
3 nights (our best seller!) (excluding boat ticket)
(3 activities; 3 x full board, accommodation and transfer to/from boat terminal)
NOK 119502
3 nights with HUSKY TOUR (excluding boat ticket)  
(4 activities incl. Husky Safari, 3 x full board, accommodation and transfer to/from boat)
NOK 148502
3 nights (excluding boat ticket)
(3 x full board; accommodation with transfer to/from boat terminal)
NOK 77002
2 nights excluding boat ticket - package for those on tight schedule
(2 activities, 2 x full board, accommodation and transfer to/from boat terminal)
NOK 84002
EXTRA NIGHT at Mefjord Brygge
(including extra activity, accommodation and full board)
(ACTIVE extension!)
NOK 36002
EXTRA NIGHT at Mefjord Brygge
(including accommodation and full board)
(BASIC extension!)
NOK 22002
ACTIVITY PACKAGE with individual transfer arrangements ideal for those with predefined itinerary (hotel, airport and other custom locations)on request4
Standard, Deluxe or VIP Platinum Private Tours available
(everyday, individual programs incl. boat charter)
on request1

Info on alternative versions of Autumn Activity Package


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