Winter Activity Package

Visit Mefjord Brygge from Tromsø to see Northern Lights and experience the Arctic

Mefjord Brygge Northern Lights

Our best-value Winter Activity Package offers excellent way to experience highlights of the Arctic in structured and interesting way


  • 3 nights in comfortable apartments by the sea
  • Guided-activities in the mornings and evenings (3 or 4 activities)
  • Full-board dining in our brand new maritime style restaurant (traditional Norwegian food)
  • Transportation to/from Tromsø (via boat) and between activities
  • Mefjord Brygge is located on the outer part of Senja, surrounded by stunning mountains and fjords in the old fishing village Mefjordvær with local life going on
  • Discover best vantage points and learn secrets of Northern Lights from professional guides
  • Admire the beauty of Aurora Borealis reflected in the sea and with mountains in the foreground while visiting some remote spots
  • Take excellent photographs of Arctic colors just a short walk beyond the village limits
  • See Northern Lights directly outside your accommodation if sky is clear
  • Most importantly: you will return home with life-lasting memories and stories to tell!

 Standard tour is 4 days / 3 nights

It is possible to make variations or tour extensions


The most convenient way of arrival is by taking one of the express boats from Tromsø to Finnsnes (line #2) o Lysnes (line #4).  See the map and more details below.


The start of activity package is possible everyday from September until April (on request). Before first snowfall it is "Autumn Package" and "Winter Package" afterwards


All activities are suitable for all ages and the intensity can be adjusted according the the preference of the guests (for example, replacing walking by driving, etc.)

Smile and prepare for having a great time!

Throughout the tour you will learn a lot about Senja's nature and you will experience 3-4 activity sessions.

Our guides will do their best to take you on most exciting and memorable experiences depending current on season and weather conditions.

You will have plenty of time to take pictures, ask questions and enjoy north Norwegian hospitality!

Price:  NOK 8250 per person for a standard 3 nights package. There are many variations you can choose.


Finnsnes / Lysnes round trip transfer

Private accommodation in hotel room or apartment

Full-board (breakfast, lunch and two course dinner)

Briefing and instruction

Experienced English-speaking guide

Guided activities (daytime & nighttime)

Use of sauna in free time

Not included

Ticket for Express Boat (ca. NOK 310) (paid upon boarding)

Hurtigruten (NOK 209) (on return to Tromsø)

Winter clothing

Hat / gloves / thermal shoes

Optional add-ons / extensions (per person)

Husky Safari (day tour incl. transfers) (NOK 1900)

Sami Camp Visit (day tour incl. transfers) (NOK 1900)

Snowmobile safari (day tour incl. transfers) (NOK 1900)

Extra day (incl. room, full board and activity) (NOK 2395)

Additional guided activities (from NOK 995)

Outdoor hot-tub (NOK 195)

Use of snow shoes in free time (NOK 150)


Arrival itinerary (usually boat #2 or #4 in the afternoon)

Arrive 20 minutes before boat departure time

Write down our phone (+47) 941-36-599

Bring warm clothes (hat and gloves, winter shoes, warm second layer and windproof jacket)

Charge your camera and mobile phone

Headlight and tripod for camera are also recommended


Book your Activity Package at least a few days in advance to ensure availability

Sept - April

recommended duration
3 nights 

start time
see program


min. participants

price per person from
NOK 8250

Transfer points on a map

Arrival by Boat to Mefjord Brygge
Simple as A, B, C.. and D

A) Arrive to Tromsø

B) Take an afternoon boat #2 to Finnsnes or #4 to Lysnes (depending on day of week)

C) We provide transfer from boat terminal to Mefjord Brygge

D) Adventure begins! (on the last day we provide return transfer to Tromsø)


Itinerary and program hour by hour

Below is a sample hour by hour program that may be modified/reordered depending on current season and weather conditions you can find below


from 15.00 (or a bit later) Afternoon Boat cruise from Tromsø to Finnsnes/Lysnes (depending on the day of week), followed pickup and driving across Senja to Mefjord Brygge

19.00 – 20.00 Dinner, meeting with the guides and information about the program

20.00 – 23.00 Time to get to know the area or relax in your cabin. It is possible to book sauna or go for a short walk around the village to see some interesting spots (see our suggestions on a small location map)


08.00 – 10.00 Breakfast

10.30 - 13.30 Arctic Boat Safari – exploring coastal nature to see wildlife and marine landscape by boat. The boat has comfortable seating area inside and for outside we will provide warm flotation suits (about 3 hours)

14.00 - 15.00 Lunch

15.00 - 19.00 Free time / possible to use snow shoes on your own / relax in hot-tub & sauna / explore the village

19.00 - 20.00 Dinner

20.30 – 23.30 Lecture about Northern Lights and Arctic wildlife followed by Northern Lights Safari - driving to Senja’s most iconic locations and scenic viewpoints to see Arctic nature


08.00 - 10.00 Breakfast (for Husky Safari guests earlier breakfast from 7:15)

08.00 - 15.00 Optional activities: Husky Safari (departure at 8.00) or other guided/self-guided activities, such as hiking, snowshoeing,  island sightseeing, extra boat trip etc. (on request by the reception/guide)

14.00 - 15.00 Lunch

15.00 - 19.00 Free time / possible to use snow shoes on your own / relax in hot-tub & sauna / explore the village

19.00 - 20.00 Dinner

20.30 – 23.30 A guided night walk (or hike) on snow shoes in search of the Northern Lights. Our guides will surprise you by telling some old local stories, showing interesting places and introduce to traditions linked with north-Norwegian culture. Depending on other details, the tour can be done as daytime or nighttime combined with bonfire and/or Northern Lights spotting. If case of no snow in early season, we would go for a hike instead


08.00 - 9.30 Breakfast & Lunch to-go

9.45 - 11:00 Driving to Finnsnes

11.30 - 14.30 Fjord Cruise with Hurtigruten from Finnsnes to Tromsø*

*we may arrange earlier departure to catch 8.45 AM boat arriving to Tromsø at 10.00 [by request if needed]

Arrival and departure - which boat?

Arrival by express boat from Tromsø to Finnsnes / Lysnes

Depending on which is your arrival day, we will recommend one of two possible options to arrive.

Arrival days: Monday, Wednesday or Friday
Take an express boat number #4 from Tromsø at 16:20 going towards Lysnes. You will be picked up in Lysnes at 17:25.

Arrival days: Tuesday or Thursday
Take an express boat number #2 from Tromsø at 16:15 going towards Finnsnes. You will be picked up in Finnsnes at 17:35.

Arrival day: Saturday
Take an express boat number #2 from Tromsø at 15:00 going towards Finnsnes. You will be picked up in Finnsnes at 16:20.

Arrival day: Sunday
Take an express boat number #2 from Tromsø at 15:45 going towards Finnsnes. You will be picked up in Finnsnes at 17:05.

Departure days: All days of the week

You will return with Hurtigruten ferry from Finnsnes on Friday at 11:30 and arrive to Tromsø at 14:15.
If you need to take an earlier boat, we can also make an arrangement for that on request.

The location of boat terminal in Tromsø:

View Larger Map

Tickets are purchased on board and cost NOK 310 one-way (return with Hurtigruten is NOK 209)
Make sure you are in good time, about 15-20 minutes before departure to ensure there are enough seats.

The driver will be waiting for you at the boat terminal from where you will enjoy beautiful and scenic coastal ride across Senja island:

We encourage travelers with different itineraries to inquire about alternative packages.

Please send us an email with any special requests. Your comfort and satisfaction is our priority!


You will be accommodated in nice and very comfortable apartments or hotel rooms by the sea. All units have private facilities.

We have a special algorithm for assigning the accommodation for our guests, with regard to their personal preferences and also prioritizing families and groups of friends for allocation in bigger apartments. Couples are more likely to stay in hotel room - if you have individual preference, just let us know.


Traditional north Norwegian food will be served in our newly open maritime style restaurant. As part of 3 nights activity package, we will serve:

  • 3 x Breakfast
  • 3 x Lunch
  • 3 x Dinner (main course and dessert)

If your activity package is longer or shorter, then the amount of meals will be adjusted accordingly.

Please indicate in advance if you have special dietary requirements/allergies.


Christmas period and New Year

We have a special availability on selected dates in Christmas/New Year's period  and some of these dates may also include the extra driving by minibus to/from Tromsø on the days with limited express boat service (31st Dec and 1st Jan).
Expected drop off hours are 14.00 (to Tromsø) and pickup at 15.00 (from Tromsø) (the same meeting point: Express Boat terminal in Tromsø).

Please note that due to high demand in New Year's period, each Husky Safari will need to be confirmed before final booking is made.

What kind of nature and wildlife can I experience during winter visit to Senja?
During your visit on Senja in winter time it is possible to see the following, if the weather and good nature permit:
  • Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
  • Mountains that plunge into the sea
  • Amazing fjords
  • White tailed sea-eagles
  • Moose
  • Reindeer
  • Rabbits
  • Humpback whales, killer whales and fin whales (seasonally)
  • Seals
Which seasonal experiences can I expect in winter?

Seasons and what to expect:

  • Northern Lights season: September- March (with some limited hours also from late August till early April)
  • Whale watching season: usually January - February, but the last couple of years we observed different patterns from previous years, with whales staying around Senja just briefly
  • Snow-shoeing season: February - April
  • Arctic nature, wildlife and beautiful colors: all year

All experiences are subject to specific weather conditions and seasonality that is just an estimate. Therefore we cannot guarantee any of these experiences.

Notes and disclaimer information
  • We reserve the right not to go out with the boat if weather conditions are too bad. This is for your safety!
  • We will do our best to offer you most spectacular activities experience depending on natural and weather conditions, especially regarding current season and availability of certain experiences (such as whale watching, snow-shoeing, northern lights and so on), however none of these experiences is guaranteed because it is unpredictable nature.
  • Whale watching is seasonally possible - especially in January, but this is nature so nothing is for sure - stay in contact with us to get the latest updates
  • If the weather is too rough for the boat, we replace this with a wildlife/cultural safari and look for sea eagles, learn about local life and culture on Senja

Alternative variations of Winter Activity Package

Which option fits you best?per personmin. pax
3 nights (our best seller!) (excluding boat ticket)
(3 activities; 3 x full board, accommodation and transfer to/from boat terminal)
NOK 82502
3 nights with HUSKY TOUR (excluding boat ticket)  
(4 activities incl. Husky Safari, 3 x full board, accommodation and transfer to/from boat)
NOK 101502
3 nights (excluding boat ticket)
(3 x full board; accommodation with transfer to/from boat terminal)
NOK 54002
2 nights excluding boat ticket - package for those on tight schedule
(3 activities, 2 x full board, accommodation and transfer to/from boat terminal)
NOK 69002
EXTRA NIGHT at Mefjord Brygge
(including extra activity, accommodation and full board)
(ACTIVE extension!)
NOK 23952
EXTRA NIGHT at Mefjord Brygge
(including accommodation and full board)
(BASIC extension!)
NOK 14952
ACTIVITY PACKAGE with individual transfer arrangements
ideal for those with predefined itinerary
(hotel, airport and other custom locations)
on request4
Standard, Deluxe or VIP Platinum Private Tours available
(everyday, individual programs incl. boat charter)
on request1
The surcharge applied to all packages with check-in date between 22nd December – 1st January
NOK 24951

Info on alternative versions of Winter Activity Package

Arrival with Arctic Shuttle Bus from Tromsø or Narvik (possible with Polar Park extension)

Arctic Shutte Bus

Daily hop-on/hop-off bus operates from mid-December to end of March

This option is especially recommended for travelers arriving from Tromsø and/or Narvik (you can start/finish your trip at either place). It gives you the chance to extend your package by a visit to Polar Park, The World´s Northernmost Wildlife Park. Besides, the itinerary is almost the same as the standard package, only timetable and driving routes change.

There are two ways to arrive and two ways to depart from Mefjord Brygge using Arctic Shuttle Bus (you can choose which fits you better)

We apply a surcharge of NOK 300 per person for pickup in Buktamoen with regards to our standard pricing

The tickets for the Arctic Shutte Bus shall be purchased by the traveler directly at the route operator.

Here you can download brochure with all the details

Summarized info below:

  Arrival to Mefjord Brygge
Departure from Mefjord Brygge
Leave Tromsø at 9:00
Arrive at Polar Park at 12:00
Stay at Polar Park (2 hours)*
Leave Polar Park at 15:00
Pickup from Buktamo 16:10 (by minibus)
Leave Mefjord Brygge at 14:00
Take bus from Buktamo at 16:10
Arrive to Tromsø at 18:00
Leave Narvik at 13:20
Pickup from Buktamo 16:10 (by minibus)
Leave Mefjord Brygge at 8:40
Take bus from Buktamo at 10:50
Arrive at Polar Park at 12:00
Stay at Polar Park (3 hours)*
Leave Polar Park at 15:00
Arrive to Narvik at 16:15

*If you are considering skipping Polar Park or traveling only to/from Tromsø, then it is more convenient to take one of express boats from Tromsø to Finnsnes or Lysnes (as recommended on standard version of the tour)

Different pickup points

While we recommend using one of the boats operating between Tromsø and Lysnes or Finnsnes, it is also possible to arrange individual pickup points. Common options may include:

  • Bardufoss airport (+NOK 300 pp)
  • Narvik (please refer to Arctic Shuttle Bus section)
  • Other holiday destination
Longer or shorter stay

It is possible to stay some extra days or to reduce the amount of nights as well.

Detailed information you will find in our Activity Package rates

Husky Tour

It is possible to upgrade standard tour to include Husky Safari. The details you will find in our Activity Package rates

Private tours

Are you thinking of something completely tailored to your specific needs?

Please send us a request and we will try to make a personalized package to fit your needs


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