Deep sea fishing at Mefjord Brygge

Discover some of the best halibut and cod fishing grounds in Norway

Basic information

In the recent years Mefjord Brygge has became a leading regional holiday resort and despite wide expansion of our all year round product portfolio, we still consider fishing holidays as the most popular activity chosen by our guests.

Most of our fishing guests are loyal, returning customers to whom some of the information on this page may seem obvious, but we would like to present some useful information for those who have not yet visited Mefjord Brygge for fishing.

On this page we would like to kindly introduce you to essential information, tell you about our boats,  types of fish you can get and show you our state-of-the-art facilities.

Visit us for the first time and you will be happy to come back for more fishing adventures!

View at the fishing piers from above


It is essential to follow all the rules shared with you during check-in briefing. Understanding of rules at the sea, knowledge of using the boat and safety procedures are needed. If you are born after 1980, a motorboat certificate is required to operate the boat.


The most common types of fish are cod, halibut, coalfish, haddock, red fish and catfish. The popularity of each fish varies depending on the season, fishing technique as well as fishing location

The location

We are very lucky! Mefjord Brygge is located on the outer side of Senja island. Some of the Norway's best fishing grounds can be easily reached by a short boat trip.


We offer rental of 19 feet Kværnø aluminum boats equipped with 50 horse power engines, GPS and fish finder. Each boat is recommended for up to 4 persons fishing

Guided fishing

Doesn't matter if you are advanced or beginner angler, a company of an experienced fishing instruction will get you closer to your big trophy fish or make sure you have right technique in a right place to fish!


Guests can bring their own equipment or use rental equipment offered in our shop. We have fishing rods, reels and flotation suits available for rent. It is also possible to buy all essential fishing tackle.


Down at the pier our guests will finding all necessary facilities for preparing and cleaning fish. We have a fish scale, fish boxes, spacious filleting room with fresh running water and a freezer to keep your fish frozen before taking it home (limit 18kg per person).

Kværnø vs Sargo boat

This page is dedicated to our 19 feet Kværnø boat fishing. If you feel like trying out a bit of luxury, take a look at our 35 feet Sargo Big Boat Deluxe Trophy Fishing.


Check in & rental period

Fishing guests typically visit us for seven days. It is possible to stay any amount of days. Our long term rates are for min. 5 days with check in from 14.00 (the same as for accommodation), daily rental is from 8 AM and the rate applies for periods of 4 days or less.


In case of any emergency, immediately call our  24/7 alarm number +47 941 36 599

National sea emergency number is: +47 123 45 67

The Norwegian directorate of Fisheries rules for fishing in Norway for foreign tourists to follow when fishing in the sea

  • Keep a distance of no less than 100 metres from fish farms when fishing
  • Use handheld tackle only
  • It is not permitted to capture fish shorter than the minimum lenght. Find more information here
  • It is illegal to sell your catch
  • Do not fish protected species:
    Protected all year: Spiny dogfish, basking shark, porbeagle, blue ling, lobster, bluefin tuna, silk shark, eel, wrasse
    Protected part of the year: Greenland halibut, halibut, lumpfish, redfish
  • Tourists are not permitted to fish king crab.
  • Hunting coastal seal can on some conditions be done with an approved license and if it is done together with a norwegian citicen.

Export of fish

  • Mefjord Brygge is a registered fishing camp. You are allowed to take out 18 kg of fish or fish products upon leaving Norway
  • After fishing at our camp and registering your catch with GoFish system, you will get export documents from us
  • You cannot bring fish for others who are not traveling with you.
  • Trophy fish are part of the quota.
  • The quota can be taken out of the country up to twice a year
  • The quota includes fish and processed products such as fillets or similar.
  • Fish or fish products purchased in Norway are not covered if it can be documented that they were bought from a registered business

Source here

Boat rental fees

19 feet aluminum Kværnø boats

Boat rental fee is NOK 1500 per day (1-4 days) or NOK 1350 per day (min. 5 days)

Included in the boat rental price

Use of 19' Kværnø boat with 50 HP engine

Use of Garmin GPS with fish finder

GoFish fishing license and safety fee

Boat insurance

Use of filleting and freezing room

Not included in the rental price:

basic layer of clothing

hat / gloves / thermal shoes


weather dependent
check forecast

anglers per boat

long-term daily rate (5+ days)

NOK 1500

short-term daily rate (1 - 4 days)

NOK 1600

When you arrive : step by step

  1. Our friendly staff will show you our accommodation and give you the key to your apartment
  2. We will show you the boat and explain important things about safety, using the boat and practical information.
  3. We will sign a contract and take a deposit of NOK 2000 (or € 200) per boat.
  4. All boat rentals have GoFish fee and insurance included in the rental price (see FAQ section for more details).
  5. Your fishing holiday starts!
  6. The deposit will be returned upon check-out when fuel and other expenses are paid as well as the boat and accommodation are cleaned and filled up.

Briefing video

Please make sure you watch our briefing video about fishing, using the boat and safety. It is very important to know all this information before you start your fishing holidays in Mefjord Brygge. Welcome to unforgettable deep sea fishing!

Checklist before, during and after fishing

  • Always have a mobile phone with you onboard
  • Always wear a lifevest or flotation suit
  • Watch out for marine traffic
  • Never fish under the influence of alcohol
  • Always have at least 40 litres (2 tanks) of fuel
  • Observe the weather forecast as it can change quickly
  • Log-in to GoFish tablet before fishing
  • Register the catch with GoFish system when you return
  • Do not take too much fish. Export limit is 18 kg per person
  • Park the boat by the spot with a correct number and secure it with 4 ropes


We offer rental of 19 feet Kværnø aluminum boats.

There are 20 boats parked at our three floating piers.

Each of the boats is equipped with 50 horsepower four stroke Yamaha engine. Boats have a large screen Garmin GPS system with chart plotter, depth sounder and fish finder.

Kværnø boats have a good reputation of being very reliable and safe for the varying conditions inside the fjord and at at open ocean. We are a very innovative company and a pioneer in using modern safety systems. The boats are equipped with two independent safety systems: AIS (Automatic Identification System) and GoFish to improve security and safety. This makes sure we can follow your boat's position from the land and send a rescue boat in case of any emergency.

The boat is in good hands. Your hands!

Each boat is delivered with:

  • Yamaha 50 HP four-stroke fuel engine
  • Garmin GPS with depth sounder
  • 60 liters of fuel (main tank of 20 liters + 2 canisters of 20 liters each)
  • 2 plastic fish boxes marked with a boat number to keep your fish
  • 1 gaff to take the fish up to the boat
  • 1 bucket to rinse boat with water to remove any leftovers each day after fishing
  • 1 rope for emergency towing

When you are about to check-out, please return the boat clean and fully tanked with all the equipment in place as it was at the check in to make the check out faster and easier.

If there are some remarks or if extra cleaning is needed, then we may apply an extra cleaning fee of 500 NOK per boat and/or cost of missing / broken equipment

Refilling the fuel

  1. It is forbidden to use your own fuel
  2. You can get fuel canisters from our shop during the opening hours

Operating the boat

  • It is strictly forbidden to use the boat under the influence of alcohol
  • Boats are numbered and each has its own mooring point
  • Always use 4 ropes to secure the boat
  • It is obligatory to wear a life vest or a flotation suit at all times when using the boat

Take a look at our boat and explore the info points below


Holders to fishing rods


There are four points to attach four docking ropes once fishing is done


50 horsepower four-stroke Yamaha engine


Garmin GPS with maps, chart plotter, depth sounder and fish finder

Seating area

Comfortable seating for 2 persons plus extra persons on the top storage space behind


Transmitters for AIS (Automatic Identification System) and GoFish, independent safety systems.

Steering wheel

Steering wheel

Throttle & clutch

Throttle & clutch


Storage space for fishing equipment and fish boxes

Mefjord Brygge's quality and service

Each year we perform detailed service on all of our boats. That includes detailed cleaning inside and outside with a special cleansing agent, external painting, servicing the engine and overall maintenance. The full service takes place in the end of fishing season and periodical service is in the middle of the season.

Our boats are top quality, well maintained and taken care of. Paired with state-of-the-art safety systems and reliable parts, we are way ahead of nowadays standards and can proudly say to be top tier fishing resort in Norway.

  • We have chief engineer and electric engineer on our payroll. This means we are able to handle a vast range of technical issues in a reliable and fast way whenever it is needed. It is way ahead of typical fishing camp that may not have such know-how
  • We store our boats inside a modern storage facility during winter
  • We have full service history on all our boats
  • All electric connections are checked and changed if they have corrosion or rust
  • The engine maintenance includes changing all oils, filters, spare plugs and anything else that is needed. All the maintenance routines are performed with even higher extent than normally required by the engine manufacturer
  • Our engines usually run for around 2000 hours before we change them – this is less than half way for a Yamaha engine's lifespan.

Each boat has its life cycle at Mefjord Brygge, so depending on the year, we may sell 2-3 boats at the end of season and buy brand new Kværnø boats delivered at the beginning of the next season. This way all our fleet is always up to date, fresh and in excellent working condition with all the latest improvements.


Mefjord Brygge lies close to some of coastal Norway's best deep sea fishing grounds. In this section we will explain a little bit about fishing season and types of fish you can get.

Mefjord Brygge lies inside the Arctic Circle. From mid-March till mid-September we have more daylight than any other place on earth lying south to our fishing camp

It means that days are long enough to fish throughout our official fishing season from mid-March till mid-October

Each part of the season has its own weather patterns and may be characterized by different types of fish staying outside Senja

A short summary below is what you can expect - please be aware that it is just an estimate based on historical observations. Nature is unpredictable so the actual experiences can be completely different.

6+ months of fishing season.



Skrei (big cod) season

Fishing season starts with skrei season. Usually March and April are very good months to catch large cod, that is seasonally coming to our fjords from Barents Sea. You can expect to catch trophies in the range 20-30kg or even more than that.

Temperature oscillates between -5º and +8º Celsius. There can be some days with bad weather limiting fishing possibilities. This is the season for enthusiast anglers. 

Summer fishing season

In the summer time, beside local cod you will catch more of the other fish species such as halibut, coalfish, haddock, catfish, red fish, cusk, flounder or monk fish. The size of the fish varies, but most desirable ones include big halibuts and catfish.

The outside temperature tends to be warmer and typically bad weather for fishing is less than 1 day per week. At this time of the year daylight is 24 hours a day! 

Halibut fishing season

Statistically the best months for Halibut fishing have been May and from August till end of fishing season. In the period of September and October you have higher chances of catching big coalfish (up to 15kg) and catching a halibut. Sizes of 40-60kg+ are quite common.

Weather in May, September and October, though outside summer, it tends to be more steady than in early season March/April. We recommend these months for catching variety of species with good chances of getting a halibut!

See the FAQ section for more details about types of fish

Down at the pier you will finding all necessary facilities - room for preparing and cleaning fish, freezing room, drying room and life jackets in all sizes. We also rent out fishing equipment, clothing and offer services fishing guide.


Registering the catch and exporting fish


Our staff will create a GoFish account for you to register your trips and daily catch in an online system. It is imposed by Norwegian law.

Easy to use!

Fishing limits

Norwegian regulations allow you to take up to 20 kg of fish fillet outside Norway with a valid GoFish certificate (we provide it at check-out)

18 kg per person

Catch & release

Save the environment and preserve natural resources. Simply use catch & release when you get close to fishing limit.

Fish responsibly

You can export 18 kg of fish with a official export certificate which we provide. Trophy fish counts towards that limit


We have a range of facilities to make sure your fishing holiday are comfortable and of the highest quality.

Filleting room & freezer

Filleting room

We have two spacious filleting rooms and one freezer with constant temperature of below -20°C for keeping your fish properly frozen before taking it home (maximum export allowance is 18 kg)

To make a holiday more comfortable for yourself and the other guests, please follow these simple rules:

  • please keep the filleting room clean by rinsing it with fresh water after filleting your catch
  • please do not leave fish leftover overnight - instead drive the boat and trow them into the ocean at least a hundred meters away
  • keep all your fish on one of the shelves available, if possible inside thermal container - this way it will also be easier to take it home

Mefjord Brygge's Fishing Shop & drying room

We have an onsite fishing shop that has all the essential fishing equipment on sale or for rent:

  • fish tackle (baits, pilkers, reel, rods, line etc.)
  • outdoor clothing (flotation suits, warm clothes, gloves, hats, etc.)
  • other useful equipment and tools (filleting knives etc.)
  • souvenirs and more

Our shop is also a place where you check-in, check-out, get fuel for the boats and come if you have any questions.

Our fishing shop is open at specified times during the day (see the notice on the door).
We prefer card payments. But we also accept NOK cash and on request it is also possible to pay in EUR. All sales need to be paid on the spot.


  • Next door to our shop you will find a drying room where you can also change your clothes and use the toilet if needed
  • Just beside you will also find life-jackets. If you are not using flotation suit, the use of life-jackets is obligatory (free of charge)

Transfers to supermarket in Senjahopen

We offer easy way to do daily shopping in nearby supermarket (4km away in Senjahopen) for guests who have arrived with a plane.

Shop is open from 10.00 to 20.00 (Monday to Friday) and 10.00 to 15.00 on Saturday.

Supermarket transfers can be organized at specified times of the day (ask our staff for detailed information).

The cost is NOK 200 per trip. Please book the transfer in advance.

Our minibus is ready for transfers, pickups and activities

More ways to enjoy your stay

We offer extra services to make most of your stay:

  • fishing guide
  • fillet cutting & fish packing service
  • restaurant serving great Norwegian food
  • bar where you can talk with fellow travelers and taste local beer
  • sauna and hot-tub to relax after an active day
  • BBQ hut for a cozy evening
  • room service & catering possibilities

Ask our staff for detailed information or to make a reservation


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