Available dates for fishing packages

Northern Lights Apartment - terrace overlooking boat piers
Last update: 11th May 2020

Please note that availability is subject to final confirmation.

If you have requests, just send us an email to booking@mefjordbrygge.no or use the form below to make a reservation.


BIG BOAT FISHING: We still have availability for VIP / deluxe bookings for Big Boat fishing for most of the dates. Please inquire directly.

Fishing packages

Below is a list of available periods for accommodation & boat that are not listed in our standard calendar. If you wish to make a reservation without a boat, please use the booking calendar or booking system on our website.

Expected time for reopening the borders

Due to recent changes caused by COVID-19, we expect that the fishing season will be running without any restrictions as soon as the borders are open (most likely in the middle of June 2020).

To get detailed quotes send us an email and to see available accommodation you can visit our booking page

The view on our accommodation

Map of accommodation at Mefjord Brygge


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