How to reach your adventure destination on Senja?

The short answer is: It is easier than you think

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Mefjord Brygge on Sejna island in the north of Norway

Address & contact

Mefjord Brygge AS
9386 Senjahopen


Phone: (+47) 77-85-89-80
Mobile/SMS: (+47) 941-36-599

Overview of Mefjord Brygge
Key information
  • Mefjord Brygge is accessible all year round by a paved road
  • Senja is an island linked with mainland by a bridge. Finnsnes, the town on the other side is 1 hour / 70 km away
  • The nearest airports are Bardufoss (less than 2 hours away) and Tromsø airport is 2.5 - 3.5 hours away
  • There are numerous ferries and express boat connecting Senja with other destinations
Driving distances
  • Finnsnes - 70 km / 1 h
  • Narvik - 215 km  / 3.5 h
  • Tromsø - 95 km / 2.5 h (with a summer ferry) or 230 km / 3.5 h (driving around)
  • Bardufoss Airport - 115 km / 2h
  • Lysnes - 33 km / 30 min
  • Botnhamn - 32km / 30 min
  • Hamn i Senja - 46km / 55 min
  • Gryllefjord - 57 km / 1 h

Road conditions

Please check for updates on road closures here: (for English please call +47 815 48 991)

All roads, express boats, ferries and tunnels are suitable for cycling

A CLOSER LOOK at transportation options

Take a look at the situation map and see the details of interesting route below

Directions to Mefjord Brygge
Driving / cycling from Finnsnes (mainland)

There are two main roads if you are driving or cycling from mainland (via Finnsnes). The northern one (via Lysnes) is slightly shorter, but it is worth to take the other one on the way. Both offer scenic views across Senja.

Express boat from Tromsø / Harstad to Finnsnes

Express boat from Tromsø / Harstad to Finnsnes

There are two types of these boats: Express Boat or Hurtigruten (covered in another section)

Express boat

You can get on the boat either in the north (Tromsø) or the south (ie. Harstad). You need to get off in Finnsnes, from there it is 1 hour to Mefjord Brygge


Express boat from Tromsø to Lysnes

Express passenger boat #4 from Tromsø to Lysnes

Fast passenger boat operates between Tromsø and Lysnes (only 30 minutes away from Mefjordvær)

The boat is synchronized with public bus that will take you directly to Mefjord Brygge

This is the fastest and most convenient connection with Tromsø, however, it is not available everyday

Car ferry from Brensholmen to Botnhamn

Car ferry #181 from Brensholmen to Botnhamn

In summer season you can take a ferry operating between Brensholmen (Kvaløya) and Botnhamn (Senja).

Botnhamn is roughly 30 minutes away from Mefjord Brygge.

Brensholmen is about 1 hour drive from Tromsø.

It is also a popular and recommended cycling route.

Hurtigruten from Tromsø / Harstad to Finnsnes

Hurtigruten from Tromsø / Harstad to Finnsnes

There are two types of these boats: Hurtigruten and Express Boat (covered in another section)

By Hurtigruten ferry (Station FINNSNES)

  • You need to get off in Finnsnes, from there it is 1 hour to Mefjord Brygge
  • The nearest ports to get on are Tromsø (north) and Harstad (south)
  • Hurtigruten south leaves Tromsø at 1:30 AM and arrive to Finnsnes at 4:30 AM
  • Hurtigruten north leaves Finnsnes 11:45 AM and arrive to Tromsø at 2:45 PM

See the current timetable and more information:

Car ferry from Andenes to Gryllefjord

Summer ferry #180 from Andenes to Gryllefjord

Take a summer ferry from Andenes to Gryllefjord in the west of Senja. This is the easiest gateway linking Senja with Vesterålen and Lofoten islands.

To/from the airport

The closest airports are Tromsø and Bardufoss. Third alternative airport is Evenes/Narvik.

We offer airport pickup/drop-off service. There is also a number of car rental companies at each of the airports

The airlines operating these airports are SAS (Tromsø only), Norwegian (all airports) and a number of smaller/charter flights.

Alternatives and roads less travelled

Most travelers like to use Senja Travel Planner for itineraries and ferry / boat / bus connections. If you are into finding your own ways, this may turn to be a handy tool

There are also some bus connections on Senja. For example, lines 370 and 362 serve Mefjordvær. Unfortunately these are not frequent connections and the hours of service are also very limited so if you plan on relying on public transportation, please study the timetable and a plan in advance.

A map of our accommodation

The view on our accommodation

Locations of Mefjord Brygge accommodation


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