Special update regarding COVID-19

Information issued by Mefjord Brygge AS

Mefjordvær, last update: 14.03.2020

Due to current government measures preventing spread of coronavirus, Mefjord Brygge advises all prospect guests arriving before 26th March not to travel and to stay home. Those who will travel will need to take into account the following (and especially the government imposed 14 day quarantine).

Information for guest staying or coming to Mefjord Brygge AS

  • All travelers that are residents of Norway and who have been outside of the Nordic countries, are to stay in their homes for 14 days after arriving home to Norway, regardless of whether they have symptoms
  • Travelers from countries outside of the Nordic region who are not residents of Norway will be asked to return to their home country. The alternative for these travelers is quarantine. Travelers with symptoms will be isolated.
  • This means that everyone presently staying in Norway and who has been in a country outside of the Nordic region in the past 14 days is to be quarantined.
  • This policy has retroactive effect and applies to all arrivals since Thursday 27 February.
  • Domestic transport is to continue as normal as possible for the moment but avoid all kinds of travel that are not strictly necessary (both domestic and abroad)
  • Avoid public transport if you can
  • Avoid other places where you can easily get close to others
  • Avoid close contact with others
  • For updated information and travel advice, see The Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Expenses regarding quarantine

  • All guests are required to pay the extra costs associated with extended stay in Norway upon order from the authorities.
  • The customers' own travel insurance will normally cover these expenses in their home country
  • Those who do not have travel insurance must cover the extra costs themselves.

Other important information

Due to the coronavirus situation, most attractions, ski resorts, and venues are now closed, most activities and events are cancelled. Please check the relevant pages for more information.

If you have questions about the coronavirus (COVID-19) while traveling in Norway, please call the national information telephone at

(+47) 815 55 015.

If you are experiencing symptoms like fever, sore throat, chest pain and breathing difficulties, please stay in your hotel room and contact guest service by telephone or call the 24-hour Norwegian medical service at 116 117 for guidance and assistance.

You can also find more information on these pages:
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
World Health Organization (WHO)

General information for Mefjord Brygge AS

  • Based on the situation we are in now, all guided activities at Mefjord Brygge will be halted until March 26, 2020
  • At the moment we are not allowed to serve breakfast buffet. Guests staying need to prepare their own food at the residence.
  • The restaurant will remain open, but all guests must adhere to new rules regarding distance and hygiene. People who are not 100% healthy do not have access to the restaurant.
  • The statement from the Directorate of Health and the Government, presented on 12th March 2020 to avoid non-essential travel in Norway and abroad, does not trigger the right to cancel free of charge for the guests under the section §22 of the Package Travel Act.
  • The final decision about whether to travel or not is to be made by the traveler himself. We will apply ordinary cancellation policy for each of our bookings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is not allowed to travel to different destinations in Norway during your quarantine period. During the 14 day quarantine it is needed to stay in the same destination.

The rules described above apply initially until March 26 (or until further notice)

We will keep this page updated with regards to changing situation and circumstances.

Best regards

Mefjord Brygge AS