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....where the road ends, the adventure begins!

Restaurant at Mefjord Brygge new level of experience

our existing restaurant is open daily and a completely new restaurant will be opened later this year

Our opening hours

Summer months

June, July& August

Monday - Friday

Rest of the year

from September till May

Monday - Sunday
Breakfast (8 AM -10 AM )
Lunch (2 PM - 3 PM)
Dinner (7 PM - 9 PM)
(by request)

Besides restaurant's normal opening hours, our bar stays usually open a bit longer on Friday and Saturday nights for those who feel like having a drink and getting more social with other guests

In period from September till May we recommend prebooking your food at least one day before to confirm availability

Mefjord Brygge restaurant

This is our existing restaurant - we are currently working very hard to open completely new restaurant on ground level of the main building

A culinary journey to Senja

Our maritime style restaurant offers excellent traditional North Norwegian cuisine which will perfectly accomplish your stay in Mefjord Brygge. The food we serve is called locally "yttersidameny" or 'local menu'. We focus on using locally sourced products, adding a bit of twist and modern touch to 'reinvent' some of the traditional dishes.

Our chef creates a unique culinary journey for you. You can bring home this inspiring experience alongside other impressions from Senja.

We serve breakfast in the morning and lunch around midday. In the afternoon the restaurant is serving starters, main courses and delicious deserts a'la carte. All these you can enjoy with a drink of your choice prepared by our skilled bartender.

We have a few seating areas, including restaurant, bar and outside terrace with great views of the fjord.

We also offer special-order food for organized groups, company meetings, friends reunions, Christmas tables etc.


Selected North Norwegian specialties with local taste

Fried halibut with potatoes and cream


Cured salmon, potato salad with mustard
NOK 125


Fried halibut from Mefjord with boiled potatoes, fried onion, grated carrots and sour cream dressing
NOK 294


Boiled or fried salmon from Husøy with boiled potatoes, cucumberfennelsalad and sour cream dressing
NOK 285


Pan-fried cod from Mefjord, sour cream dressing, crushed and fried potatoes with fennel, carrot, spring onion
NOK 275


Lingonberry panna cotta with roasted white chocolate
NOK 125


Experiment with local Norwegian breweries or try wines from renowned European vineyards

Beer (selection)


Local beer produced nearby Tromsø
NOK 89


Dark beer, produced nearby Tromsø
NOK 85  

Senja Beer (0.5 bottle)

Try various types of locally produced beer from Senja
NOK 125
Restaurant at Mefjord Brygge

Wine (selection)


Mastri Vernacoli Pinot Grigio, dry (Italy), glass/bottle
NOK 95 / 425


Chardonnay, Val de Loire, (France), glass/bottle
NOK 95 / 425  


Vidigal (Portugal), glass/bottle
NOK 95 / 425


What are restaurant opening times outside summer time?

We are open at specified times of the day (serving breakfast, lunch and dinner - see our opening hours) and for bigger groups we also open daily on request (needs to be booked in advance)

Can you prepare food to a special diet?

No problem, just let us know in advance. Our talented chef can prepare meals that match following dietary requirements:

  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • pescarian
  • gluten-free
  • lactose-free
How to arrange a special meeting for organized group?

Just contact us directly!

Where can I get info about allergens in your food?

Detailed information about allergens you will find in our menu

Can I order lunch-to-go?

Yes, it is possible to prepare yourself lunch to go (from breakfast) and take it with you.

The price is NOK 165 per person.

Do you offer Christmas tables?

Yes, we do. Usually we organize Julebord events for some selected weeks from early November up to mid-December. Please follow our announcements 🙂

Contact our restaurant

If your request is urgent or last minute you can also give us a call at
Restaurant / Reception: (+47) 77-85-89-80
Activities / boats: (+47) 941-36-599

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New Restaurant opening in late 2019